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Commercial Services

Whether you are looking to build out from the ground up or renovate an existing commercial space, JEH Construction can assist with all your projects from conception to completion. At JEH Construction we understand the requirements needed to complete your job without delays and within project scope deadlines. With an extensive background in commercial construction and renovations, contact us to discuss your next project.

Commercial Finish Outs

Many of these services take place in various buildings, malls, restaurants, offices, and retail spaces. We can transform any project to realize your dream. We work diligently on your goals, time frame, and budget. When you’re ready, JEH Construction will achieve your vision.

Remodel And Update

When remodeling a commercial bathroom it is necessary to hire a contractor that knows the ADA laws and requirements. All commercial bathrooms must be in compliance with the Americans With Disability Act. Not complying with these laws could create problems for your business. The professionals at JEH Construction are trained to meet all of these requirements. When the time has come to remodel or update any commercial property, we have the experience and expertise to assist you.


Historical buildings provide character and appeal that set them aside from others. JEH Construction knows how to accurately recreate anything back to its original time. Naturally, upgrading all electrical, plumbing and any other code-required work.

New Construction

Starting with an undeveloped parcel of land, we handle the installation of all underground utilities. We lay the foundation and start building floor by floor, until such time a roof can be constructed. From start to finish, our stellar reputation excels in the design and construction of any commercial project.

Break Rooms

In most cases, companies are extremely concerned when it comes to productivity from their employees. Too often employees suffer from feeling burned out regarding their daily tasks. It’s vitally important that there is a relaxing, comforting environment for them to spend some downtime in. Why not provide them with an upscale breakroom that provides plenty of seating, countertops to prepare their meal, and tables to interact at. This will allow the employees to get their second wind and finish out the day strong.

Exterior Upgrades

Adding value to a commercial property also presents a more appealing look for the consumer. Assess what upgrades are needed. Some of the more popular ones are upgraded lighting, fresh paint, new windows and doors, new walkways, masonry work done, and in some cases, a new roof. We specialize in exterior upgrades, regardless of the size of the project.